glory orah

Hi guys, thank you for stopping by. I am Glory Orah. A Christian blogger, author, gospel artist, and podcaster. 

For some part of my teenage years, I didn’t care about the things of God. All I wanted was to have fun. I wanted to fit in with my peers just so I could be loved by them.

But this life never brought me peace of mind. I thought I was having fun, but deep within, I know I had no joy.

I’ll be forever grateful to God who restored me to Himself and turned my life around. He made my life worth living and gave me an overflow of peace and joy.

God builds me up everyday. When I look back and see how far He has brought me, I can’t thank Him enough.

God teaches me how to live victoriously. He gives me wisdom for my daily endeavors. In all honesty, I couldn’t ask for a better life. Thanks to Jesus.

If you’ve ever dreamed about breaking free from a worldly lifestyle and returning to God, or you desire to know God more and to live a victorious life daily, a life that is pleasing to God, filled with peace and Joy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I share with you the things God teaches me, my experiences, testimonies, and encouragements. I share whatever God wants me to share with you.

It is my desire and prayer that you’ll be blessed by the things you read here. Please, feel free to email me. You may share your concerns and ask me questions too. I’d love to hear from you.